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Basic Steps to Prevent Acne Eruption

Acne is among the most common skin condition suffered by most teenagers but the truth is, even people way beyond their puberty can still face the possibility of acquiring acne problems sometime in their lives. Although there are actually hundreds of known acne treatments that are also effective in addressing the skin condition, you can do much better by preventing it from happening or if you already have it, you follow certain steps to reduce the eruption and at the same time avoid it to exacerbate. Below are several tips you can use to help you have a much healthier skin that is free from acne or acne scars.

Always keep your hands off your face.

One of the simplest tips to fight acne is to prevent contact. Most of us do not realize how often we touch our faces, and this may lead to the outbreak and spread of acne. Unnecessarily touching your face at some point within the day unavoidable that is why it is highly recommended for you to try to wash your hands regularly so as to prevent transferring bacteria into your face should it come in contact with your hands. You have to understand that your hands are considered to be a primary tool you use for interacting with your surroundings. When you finally become aware of the times you touch your face with your hands, you may suddenly realize how prone your face is to various germs and bacteria that can trigger acne eruption.

Avoid wearing tight clothes.

We all know the deal with acne eruptions in our faces, but some of us can experience acne break out almost on all of our body. You have to know that if you are experiencing acne break outs in your body, chances are your clothing may something to do with it. Acne can be caused by friction or heat or if your skin is always in contact with tight clothing or other related athletic gear. Super tight headbands and helmets are also more likely to produce acne around your hairline. So, in order to avoid having an acne explosion on your body, you need to reduce also the need to wear tight fitting clothes.

When you already have an acne break out on your face or on your body, you have to treat it in its first stage if you want to avoid acne scarring. There are various over the counter acne treatment solutions you can use that are proven effective for treating acne problems. Among the most popular over the counter treatment for acne is Benzoyl Peroxide. Most people with acne problems and have used Benzoyl Peroxide reported to have gotten the results they want from the medicine. You can also try Isotretinoin also known as Accutane which is a very potent oral medication for dealing with acne problems but you have to understand that this is a prescription drug so you may need to consult with your doctor first before buying it. The experts note that for some people, no matter how you try to treat their acne with common treatment approach such as using salicylic acid, they have generally not yielded the expected results. Fortunately, isotretinoin has proved effective in the treatment of stubborn acne pimples and aims to reduce future acne eruption. It is also believed that it would reduce the amount of sebum production. But there is no certainty its anti – acne effects of isotretinoin and the results are usually achieved after 4-5 months of continuous treatment.

For some people, their major solution for acne problem is by taking drugs and other medicines dedicated for acne breakouts and eruptions. But the truth is, drug intake can surely be avoided if one would only follow the key steps in living a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and keeping away from stress.